Jam tomorrow

It is a universal truth that authors now have to be responsible for their own publicity. And why not, I hear you mutter resentfully. We write the books, so it’s up to us to get out there and tell people about them. The trouble is, some people are very good at this and are happy to go just about anywhere to make people aware of them and their latest oeuvre. Others (ourselves included) find the whole thing terrifying. Happy are we to hide behind the fiction, and we are simply brilliant at radio, but standing in front of the cynical public talking about plot and characterisation and our brilliant career comes as easy as performing brain surgery. (Yes yes, of course not, but you know what we mean). So we are being very brave and hitting the road – our first stop being the great and wonderful WI network. On the advice of a good friend (who is in the consumate self-publicist category) WI is the place to be seen, so if you are a jam officianado then look out for us. We’ll be the ones standing at the front of your next meeting wincing apologetically and trying, as my mother would say, not to get above ourselves.
Instructions for Bringing Up Scarlett is now out and you can buy it on Amazon here.


About Annie Sanders

Best-selling author of Goodbye Jimmy Choo, Warnings of Gales, The Xmas Factor, The Gap Year for Grown Ups, Busy Woman Seeks Wife, Getting Mad Getting Even, Famous Last Words and Instructions for Bringing Up Scarlett. Plus we are two people - Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders.
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  1. Melissa Maday says:

    I’m a huge fan of your books, so I’m thrilled to find this blog. My husband will be in the UK in a week, so I’ll get my hands on the new book — and post a review — very soon. Cheers!

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