Fizz on a Sunny Saturday Afternoon

Hola and welcome to Annie Sanders in the blogasphere. We’re on (in?) Facebook and tweet when we remember, but it’s a pain when your raison d’etre is to write lots of words and you have to restrict yourself to a handful. What kind of a place is it when there’s no room for adjectives? So, here goes. We’re just launched on the world our 8th novel Instructions for Bringing Up Scarlett – a bitter/sweet tale of a friendship which is stretched to the limit. It raises some pretty hairy questions that we for one (er, two) wouldn’t really want to face – i.e. if you went under the front wheels of the No.46 to Finsbury Park (ok so the No.46 doesn’t go to Finsbury park but hey ho) and your partner/husband/father of your children went under the back wheels, then who would you trust to bring up your children? Scary thought isn’t it?

Saturday afternoon saw us doing what all self-respecting authors now have to do which is selling our wares – so, realising bribery was the best policy, we offered a glass of fizz and help our pens aloft waiting for the onslaught of ardent fans. Let us tell you, it is possibly the horriblest moment of an author’s life and being two doesn’t make it any easier. Thankfully lots of lovely friends turned up and we even collared the odd member of the public.

To find out about us you can click here and to go to our page on Amazon click here


About Annie Sanders

Best-selling author of Goodbye Jimmy Choo, Warnings of Gales, The Xmas Factor, The Gap Year for Grown Ups, Busy Woman Seeks Wife, Getting Mad Getting Even, Famous Last Words and Instructions for Bringing Up Scarlett. Plus we are two people - Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders.
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